Cookies Policy

This website uses cookies and other similar technologies to offer you a better experience by speeding up navigation and making it more secure. In this document, we will explain what these technologies are and why they are used (for example, to start a browsing session, save your preferences, or personalise the content that we will show you and display the most relevant ads).

What are cookies?

Cookies are files that are sent to your browser and are installed on the device from which you are navigating in order to save information that can than be retrieved at a later time. This type of technology is essential for the correct functioning, integrity, availability and relevancy of contents of this website and it offers you several advantages pertaining to the services offered, simplifying navigation and usability. Cookies cannot read any information on your device, nor will they damage or modify the information saved on it.

What types of cookies does this website use?

The information that follows will help you understand what are the different types of cookies that are installed through the different pages of the website. We will also inform you regarding the cookies that our partners or third parties that work with us may install.


This type of cookie allows us to analyse and measure the properties and functionalities of the site in terms of user navigation, with the objective of improving the website. The cookies that are installed are third-party cookies. For example, Google Analytics is an analysis script that helps the owners of websites understand how users interact with the different pages. This system uses a series of cookies to feed information related to the use of the sites back to the statistics system, without identifying the user.

- You can consult the policy of Google Analytics at this link

- You can consult the policy of Magnews here.

Across developed tracking platforms to analyze the traffic on its websites. You can click the button below to block Across platform's cookies:


Advertising cookies have the objective of improving the user's experience. They allow the site to display ads that are pertinent and relevant to the user as well as avoid that a user will always see the same ad. They are necessary so that servers that disseminate advertising campaigns (adservers) know the frequency of diffusion of the campaigns. They also memorise the actions carried out by the user on the website to display more customized campaigns. These cookies sometimes are installed by third party servers or third parties mentioned in this list:

- Adsense

- SmartAdserver


These cookies are advertising cookies. They collect and store information about the user's browsing history and session and display advertising that is directly related to the interests of the user, thanks also to previously carried out searches. These cookies usually come from automatic platforms of programmatic buying, adexchanges, DSP, SSP, DMP and other automatic trading technologies for advertising campaigns. Some of these cookies come from third parties.

- Google Adwords


Some services may use social network plugins (like Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus). If you use your account in any of these social networks, you are giving them permission to save cookies on your device. These cookies add a social component to your browsing:

- Google +

- Twitter

- Facebook